Our Organization:

At Sapiens, we believe in the power of stories and appreciate the everlasting, life-changing effects of healthy communication. Ideas when effectively disseminated bring revolutions or at least change the way we perceive the world. With a zeal to provide a platform to the most ordinary people with extraordinary stories, we have come up with Sapiens talk where we celebrate the lives of unsung heroes and strive to recognize their efforts by providing them the platform they deserve.

We are on a mission to: make this world a better place by putting forth ideas and experiences that not only inspire but also make us understand our own selves better.

We are all storytellers. While some of us are heard more than others, the fact that we are all surrounded by stories and are living the most extraordinary lives in our ordinary ways is of no less significance.

Sapiens is a nonprofit, non-partisan entity owned by Act of Random Kindness (ARK), India, a global platform devoted to excellence in innovation. The idea behind the Sapiens came with a deeper human understanding that without our subjective eccentricities on a very basic level we are all same. We all think in terms of stories, we all believe in stories, and most importantly we all exchange ideas in the form of stories.

Therefore, we aspire to bring forth those seemingly unknown souls to the fore of the scheme of things and provide them a platform to share their stories with the world. We hold this vision of creating the community of such Sapiens, dear to our heart. The community where ideas are appreciated and stories are heard.

Our faith in the significance of human existence is unwavering. Our commitment to our mission is unrelenting. We hope to impact the world in a better way.