Frequently asked question

I can watch the talk on youtube, why do I need to attend your event?

Attending a Sapiens event will provide you with the experience of a lifetime. It will make you more aware of the society we inhabit. You’ll feel inspired and more connected.

Can I volunteer at Sapiens Talks event?

To be considered for being a volunteer one must be a part of the Sapiens community. Our committee will decide on the number of volunteers needed. Personal interviews can be considered to shortlist the final number of volunteers.

How many speakers are there at one Sapiens Talk event?

There are 10 speakers at one event. With each speaking for a maximum of 18 minutes.

How much does it cost to attend a Sapiens Talk?

The information regarding this will be updated regularly. Keep visiting our portal for the latest information.

Do I have to get register the nominee again if someone has already done so?

No, you just have to record your own experience through the link that was generated upon the initial registration.

How to record the information regarding the nominee?

When you log-in and nominate someone as a speaker, our system generates a link that is shared back with you. That link has a recording facility where once recorded, the information comes to us.

When do the Sapiens events take place?

You can find the information regarding our upcoming events on our portal.

Where do the Sapiens events take place?

You can find the information regarding our upcoming events on our portal.

Who can be nominated?

Any person who has done or has been doing anything of substance for the betterment of the society in any capacity can be nominated.

How many people does it take to get someone to be a Sapiens Speaker?

Our selection process is transparent. You can go to our ‘How Sapiens Work’ section to get a detailed view of the process.

Can I nominate myself?

No, a person can only be nominated by his or her community. Self-nomination is not allowed.

How to nominate someone?

Log in on our website and write us the story of the person you want to nominate

Who is a Sapien?

Any person who nominates, votes, records or enables someone to be our speaker or spread their word is a Sapien.