How Sapiens work

As a non-profit and non-partisan organization, we take great pleasure in empowering people to become enablers of great ideas and facilitators of the extraordinary stories. We encourage people to come forward and nominate the exceptional human beings around them whose stories have not been heard but are worth celebrating.

Who is a Sapien?

Any person who believes in the currency of ideas and helps in spreading the awareness around is a Sapien. Our community celebrates ideas and appreciates stories, any person who shares these ideals with us is a Sapien.

How to become a Sapien?

To become a Sapien, i.e. a member of the community you can participate in any of the following ways possible:

  1. Attending Sapiens Talks: You can apply to attend our conferences. As an audience, you can listen to the stories of our chosen speakers live.
  2. Nominate: At Sapiens we are constantly looking to support great ideas and exceptional stories. You can nominate and support any person you deem worthy of getting recognition.
  3. Be an Angel: Support or sponsor our speakers and be an angel. Supporting equal to or more than 10 speakers will fetch you a special mention of our website.
  4. Translate: Help our speakers get a larger audience by translating their stories into different languages
How to nominate?

Nomination: Register on our website and provide basic information regarding the person you want to nominate.

Validation: After the initial information check-

  1. The one who nominates(user) will be provided with a link with audio recording functionality. That link must be shared with as many people from the user’s community as possible to get all of them to sign-up and record their experiences corroborating the claims regarding the achievements of the nominated person.
  2. As soon as the number of people testifying the initial claim reaches a prescribed mark(For now it is set at 10 people), the system will acknowledge the registration by generating a UID for the nominee.
Reaching out:
  1. After the UID generation, the nominee is contacted by us and notified of his nomination by the people of his community
  2. The profile with the UID is shared with the Nominee.
  3. If the nominee wishes to continue with us, he or she must share his or her profile link containing all the previously recorded audio clips with as many people as possible on their social media and get people to listen to and share the story.
  4. As soon as the share count hits a prescribed mark(For now it is set at 500 people) the nominee is moved to the video queue.
  1. At this sage, we get our nominees in front of the camera and record their stories.
  2. A video story of not more than 20 min in length is then kept in our repository until the next event where we host our nominees as speakers.
Our Events

Every Sapiens Talks event hosts 10 speakers. Every speaker is allotted a maximum of 18 minutes to tell their stories.

Further details about particular events will be provided on our portal. Watch this space for any other developments.