Sapiens Communities

As the core idea of our community is to spread the word about the stories worth listening, it is our responsibility to keep the discourse flourishing with healthy communication and valid information. Among other ways, the social media is of paramount significance in spreading the word around. Hence we present to you the guidelines to abide by to keep the discussion about and around Sapiens wholesome.

While nominating someone keep these things in mind

Be Ethical: The information you provide should be legitimate, without exeggeration and false claims. The input provided by you would make the foundation of our future relations.

Provide varifiable information: When you provide information regarding a nomination, make sure you provide information that can be verified by other members of your community.
  1. Help us in verifying the information: Spread the word around regarding the nomination through the link provided by us. Get it verified by as many users as possible.
  2. Help us with Translation: The audio imprint provided after the initial verification may hold information in local languages and dialects. Any person who contributes towards translation works must adhere to aforementioned ethics and should provide a legible and legitimate translation.

A nominee or any person associated with the nominee should not exert any pressure on any person to make false claims or corroborate in any malpractice. A nominee should share his ‘audio imprint’, created by us, and try to reach out to as many people as possible through only eithcal means.

To all the users:
How to leave an outstanding social media imprint i.e. comment

To help you make the most of your support, here are four things to do before clicking Submit:

  1. Read out loud, but in your mind: They say you should weigh your words in before you put them forward. So before hitting that enter button think if your comment is appropriate for the community -- including speakers, and your Sapiens family?
  2. Take a step back and EDIT: Ask yourself:
    1. Is this what you have to say?
    2. Are you saying it clearly?
  3. Be constructive: There is always more than one way of doing something. So ask yourself, ‘Am I being constructive enough with what I have to say? Can I elaborate further on my feedback?
  4. Articulation is power: Does my comment encourage a healthy discussion or is it going to put others on the defensive? Am I articulating myself well enough? Because since the dawn of the mankind the one power which has remained uninhibited is, ‘Articulation’ which one should put to use carefully.
When do we take action?

Although we support free speech, we also believe in the limits of it. We encourage healthy constructive interactions and do not support any kind of bullying and derogatory mudslinging. Here we enlist some reasons based on which your comment may get removed:

  1. Inappropriate usage of language: Inappropriate usage of language in any kind or degree of threat making is not appreciated. Calls to violence are never tolerated.
  2. Response to an inappropriate remark: Do not indulge. Report instead.
  3. Terms of Usage violation: We shall remove any comment that violates 0ur Terms of Use.
  4. Spamming: Unnecessary haggling and excessive posting amounts to spamming. Such comments may even get you banned from further commenting on any conversation thread.
  5. False claims to undermine a speakers authenticity: Don’t indulge in false information, rumors, or hearsay. If you don’t know something to be true, please don’t spread it.

A note to the community: Fake information is not suitable for an ideal community, hence we request you to go through our guidelines again and stick to only the ethical practices that fall within the bounds of our guidelines