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PICTURE CAPTION: The Indian Changemakers

“If You Can’t Feed a Hundred People, Then Feed Just One.” – Mother Teresa, Saint

Ronita Ghosh, the founder of Jikoni Food, is a changemaker from Pune who has started this heart-touching initiative of feeding the lesser privileged section of our society, especially during the trying times of pandemic. Her initiative is called as “The Happiness Dabba” which has created smiles on 15,000 faces since 19th April 2021, when Ronita began this initiative.

It has been 424 days today since the first lockdown was imposed in India. It lasted for three months and later various states imposed local restrictions to curb the spike in the Covid-19 cases. Two-third of the Indian population lives in poverty out of which 30% of them live on a daily income of 150 or less. On-going lockdowns, travel restrictions, industry and market shut down have made economic sustenance difficult for the majority of the Indian and worse for daily earners. Many are forced into beg, borrow, or steal situations.

Ronita, along with her team members and supporters, who are known as the Happiness Soldiers, took a step forward and decided to create an impact by distributing boxes with home-cooked “Khichadi”. With her experience in the food industry, she was easily able to innovate different Khichadi flavours each day. Ronita has distributed over 15,000 meals to date and the count and capacity of her kitchen are increasing every passing day.

There are millions of keypad warriors in India who are active on various social media platforms, the majority of them go cold when someone needs help in real. Ronita is a true changemaker who chose to make each new day count by helping thousands and bringing smiles to their faces. India needs more changemakers like her, if you want to join her in her cause, you can follow her Twitter handle @rons1212 and write her for your contribution. India needs more changemakers like Ronita who are pushing the boundaries to help people.

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