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PICTURE CAPTION: The Changemaker - Dr. Avinash Saoji

"Be the Change You Want to See in the World", is a famous saying by Mahatma Gandhi. Millions understand the meaning of the saying however there are very few who bring this saying into practice. Out of those very few, I know a person who is a living example of this saying. He is a true CHANGEMAKER from India; he is leading the change not only by words but by his action. He is an MBBS doctor by education but a changemaker by passion; he is driving various impact projects and concepts via his non-profit, Prayas-Sevenkur. He is Dr. Avinash Saoji from Amravati, Maharashtra.

Dr. Avinash Saoji’s life journey is intriguing; he completed his MBBS from Government Medical College (GMC), Nagpur in 1983. He was a bright child from an average family who secured a free seat in government medical college. Dr. Saoji was different from his batch mates; his thoughts were taking a shift from starting his clinic or a super specialty hospital to serving the needy or lesser privileged people from the society. This journey was not easy, he knew it, and no surprises his batch mates called him out of mind when he shared his idea of not commercializing his medical knowledge after the completion of his degree and serving the needy.

Any other doctor could have earned millions of rupees by setting up a super-specialty hospital and could have lived a lavish lifestyle. But this man worked for the Tribal people in Gujrat for ten years of his life post completing his medical degree. He returned to Maharashtra and started his resumed his work at Chandur Bazar in Maharashtra. He became an idol for me in my very first meeting, his thoughts were original, his approach was practical and he traveled a long journey of 40 years, and needless to say how much people trust in him.

His NGO runs various programs which include a residential program for children known as "Little Champs", another very impactful program known as "AamhiBiGhadlo TumhiBiGhada", he conducts interviews of the other changemakers in the society who are lesser-known. Prayas Sahitya Prabodhini, it’s a very interesting program where aspirants of UPSC or MPSC use the library for hours at Sevankur, but they are allowed to come out of the library only at a given schedule, this helps them to stay away from distractions while studying. He is also running a very successful medical program along with his son, which helps patients to overcome diabetes.

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