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PICTURE CAPTION: The Changemaker: Dr. Anwar Shaikh

“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.” – Carl Gustav Jung, Swiss Psychiatrist

Dr. Anwar Shaikh from Pune decided to shape his destiny. He never gave up and kept on trying until he finally achieved success. He is a role model to millions of young students of India, who feel their career is doomed, after scoring lesser grades in the school or college exams.

Dr. Shaikh grew up in the slums of Pune, he lived in a 100 sq. ft. room with his three siblings and parents. He never allowed the size of the room where he lived to shadow his dreams and visions. His father was a tailor with a marginal income. However, his parents were a hardworking, honest, and upright couple and taught the same values to their children.

Dr. Shaik's childhood was challenging, the area where he grew up saw local fights and killings regularly. His friends were not so motivated to pursue their education and also became a reason for Dr. Shaik's distraction in his studies.

Dr. Shaikh, now a Principal of Poona College, failed in 10th and 12th standards. He took admission in graduation and somehow managed to score 52%. There were three setbacks for him in his academic life before enrolling in the post-graduation program. He introspected his journey and realized that he could not afford to make another mistake. He completed his post-graduation with a laser-thin focus and got into a government job.

He completed his doctorate and got into the teaching profession. He realized he could make a greater impact in the life of millions of students via this profession. With this realization, he quit his government job for good. He kept on enhancing his qualifications, kept on learning, and started many social initiatives to help the backward and downtrodden ones in society. He also did an incredible job by setting up a kitchen inside the college premise and feeding the needy during the Covid-19 lockdown and continuing with his efforts.

The reflection from Dr. Shaik's life is to never give up and be determined to achieve the anchored goals. He has recommended parents help their children set up their goals at an early age. He is a true Sapien, a true Changemaker.

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