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Sapines Talk - DIMR, Pune

Founder - Shri Foundation

Sagar's social journey started by volunteering for Khadakvasla desilting project at Pune. During the desilting process, he saw many Ganesha ideal floating back and forth as the water used to recede during summer. He studied the drawbacks of plaster of paris and harmful chemcials used in the colors. He decided to take a baby step towards reducing the environmental impacts of the PoP and chemical based colours used in making the Ganesh idols. He formed a team and in his fifth year of the journey he collected approximately 25,000 Ganesh idols from various locations in Pune.

Sagar and his team via Shree Foundation, started collecting the Ganesha idols five years back. In the first year they collected around 1200 Ganesha idols, second year they collected around 3,000 Ganesha idols, third year the number grew to 8,000 and in the forth and fifth year they collected approximately 25,000 Ganesha idols.

His team collects the Ganesha idols and with the support of local lawmakers, volunteering organisations and bring to a place near Pune where they have made a shade to store the statues. Below mentioned is the general process they follow in reducing the enviromental damage due to the PoP and chemical colours used in making of Ganesha idols.

1. Segregation of Ganesha idols which are broken and cannot be mended against which can be reused.

2. Mending the broken parts of the Ganesha idol.

3. Using water colours to repaint them.

4. Resaling of the mended Ganesha idols.

His team is also doing study on resuing the the PoP power from the Ganesha idols which cannot be mended. Sagar's initiative can achieve a scale and if it is replicated all over India then it will prevent a big environment damage.

Founder - Hope for the Children Foundation

Secretary - Sahyog Trust, Pune

Managing Director-Agri Tourism Development Corporation

Founder - Shri Foundation

Founder and Director of Spherule Foundation

Sapines Talk - DIMR, Pune
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